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        Oliver & Geoff's Home Brew and Beer - Forum - Excellent online beer forum

        Oliver & Geoff's Home Brew and Beer - Main Page - Many articles / guides

        Blue Mountain Brewing Supplies - Excellent online brew supplier

        Brodies Castle Brewing - Another beer forum

        The Hermit Brewery - Beer gadgets and setups

        Rondoni Barrett Inc. - Awesome site for making beer + beer recipes + bar setup + misc.

        How to Harvest Yeast - Palmer - Guide to harvesting yeast

        Beer Making Pictures - Partial - Guide to making beer - excellent photos

        Flickr Photos - Homebrew - Several thousand homebrew photos

        Brewcraft Calculator - Calculator to determine ingredients - Hop Variety Book - Hops - Interesting beer site - All grain - How to make a Roller mill  - All grain - Beer website - Wiki version - brewing in a bag - sweet all grain setup - mills - More brewing - More - - - - -


    Beer Recipes

        Bunker Brewers of Berowra - Some beer recipes

        Ginger Beer - Ginger beer recipes - PDF

    News / Forums

        Whirlpool - Australia's largest online forum

        CNET - Computer News

    Computers / Software

        MSY Computers - Excellent for pricing up computer systems

        Unanderra Computer Fairs - Timetable

        Berkeley Computers Fairs - Timetable - Security site

        Web Album Generator - Web album generator for your webpage - Ipod  Hack - CDex simular - MS Media Centre Alternative



        Wine Racking - Guide to racking wine


        The Recipe Hound - Over 10,000 recipes


        Ebaums World - Heaps of flash games etc.

        Abandonia - Heaps and heaps of DOS games - sooooooooooo much fun!!!

        DOSBox - DOS emulator (you need this to play the DOS games)

        Cinemaware - More DOS games (based on movies)

        Crash - The bestest game ever! Hours of fun!

        Paintball Assault - Awesome flash game

        Hammer Game - Another flash game with hammers!

        Nation Location - More games including New York City Jumper

        sudoku puzzles - Random games / articles / clips / pictures

        Game Paratrooper -




        Death Forecast - Find out how long you have left

        Deals Direct - Some good deals on this website

        Sinfest - The world's funniest daily comic - Sweet wallpaper website with thousands of excellent wallpapers!

        Firefox - If you are still using MS Internet Explorer you don't know what you are missing out on - Download this!

                        IE Tab - adds an internet explorer tab to Firefox so you can view pages that require it seamlessly

                        Net Usage - tells you what your monthly net usage is up to

                        Mouse Gestures - navigate Firefox with your mouse only

               - netusage

        Internet Movie Database - Every movie ever made with a synopsis, ratings and reviews

        San Diego Historical Society - Some very interesting period photos

        Top Wallpapers - Some wallpapers

        Apollo - Moon Pictures - radiohead - The bible according to LEGO... - 80's video clips - Random games / articles / clips / pictures

        Self Sufficient-ish - How to be self sufficient-ish

        Rate Your Music - Many reviewed albums

        Am I Hot or Not? - Rate people based on their looks - how superficial - hours of fun!

        The Internet Archive - The worlds largest free online archive - live music, public domain movies, articles etc.

        Knitting Help - Exactly what it says

        Knitting Patterns - Some patterns

        Random 'YouTube' Funny Clip

        The Australia - US Free Trade Agreement No One Heard About

        Deez Teez - Funny t-shirts

        Foul Mouth Shirts - More funny t-shirts (extreme language warning on this one!!!) - Panorama Pictures - More Panorama Pictures - Random video clips




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