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xx. Although My Name's Not Bamber

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1 can Coopers Draught
500g Light Dried Malt Extract

600g Dextrose

200g Maltodextrin

200g Carapils

10g Fuggle Hops @ 5mins

10g Fuggle Hops @ Flame Out

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xx. Better Than Your Average Megaswill

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1 can Coopers Draught
500g Light Dried Malt Extract

500g Dextrose

200g Carapils

100g Crystal Malt

10g Fuggle Hops (10mins)

10g Cascade Hops (Dry)

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Coopers Best Extra Stout
1 coopers stout tin
1 kg Dark Dry Malt Extract
1 kg Light Dry Malt Extract
200g Dry Wheat Malt
25g Goldings @ 20 minutes

23L. OG: 1.064, FG: 1.019, 6.6% alc/vol
IBU: 43 from kit, 13 from Goldings, total: 56.

Boil the LDME with 3L water. Add hops. Boil for 20 mins. Add everything else to fermenter, then add hot stuff, stir, and then add cold to 23L, pitch yeast.


Mountain Goat Hightail clone 1

1.7kg Coopers Real Ale tin (Pale ale if doing Mtn Goat Pale Ale)
1kg Light dry malt extract
100g Crystal malt (steeped for 20 minutes)
100g brewing sugar
25g Amarillo hops for the Pale Ale or Goldings/Fuggles for the Hightail, steeped for 10 mins with the LME.


I did a real ale that turned out FANTASTIC!
Can of Cooper Real Ale
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer #2
500g Light Dry Malt
325g honey
SAFale yeast
Brewed at 20 C

pretty stong alc % but just a fantastic beer!


Random Notes - Possible recipes


Coopers Draught kit.
1Kg Ultrabrew (500g LDME,250 Dextrose, 250g Maltodrextrin)
150gm Crystal (145L) grain
150gm Melanoidin grain
24gm Hallertauer Steeped
12gm Hallertauer Dry.

Morgans Stockmans Draught (1can 1.7kgs)
Coopers Light malt extract unhopped(1 can 1.5kg)
300g Dex + 200g Maltodextrin
12g Cluster Hops (morgans boil in bag)
24g Cascade Hops (morgans boil in bag)
yeast as supplied with Draught can

1 x can of english dark bitter hopped extract (cooper's bitter I guess)
500g light dried malt
500g malto-dextrin (corn syrup)
14g fuggles hop pellets.

boil the malts and adjunct in 2 litres of water, and then throw the hops in for the last 10 mins.
probably could use a brew booster (500g malt, 250g corn, 250 dextrose).
the recipe is from laurie strachan's "great beers of the world".


1.7kg Coopers Nut Brown ale
1kg light malt ex
500g dex
250g rolled oats steeped
saaz for finishing steeped

1 Can Black Rock India Pale Ale
1Kg Light Dry Malt Extract (or 1.2Kg light liquid malt extract)
200g dextrose
12g Tettnang hop pellets

Total volume 18 litres
Ferment 18-22C for 10 days then rack to secondary for >1 week before bottling/kegging. Will make you forget all about Carlton beer.

1.7kgs Morgans stockmans draught,
1.5kgs Coopers liquid malt,
500kgs dextrose,
12g Cluster hops boiled with all malt & 2-3l water 30mins, 12g 20mins Cascade hops added then extra cascade 12g hops added for 10min simmer, yeast as supplied. 36g of hops in total.
(Lager yeast with Morgan Draught)



Ok Folks, Baseline stuff, play as required. This was my killer recipie before I got heavily involved in grains. Anyone interested in brewing honey may want to give it a go. You can leave out the Maple Syrup and it will still be fine. I have added ginger to this to and it is just yum

1 Coopers kit, preferably a Canadian
1 kg Pale Malt Extract (liquiud)
250 g Crystal Malt
500 g clover honey
250 g Masple Syrup
20 g Cascade (20 min left)
28 g Saaz (1 min)

Add the Crystal Malt to a grain sock (clean nylon stocking like the type the missus wears) and add it to 8 litres of water, bring to boil. Just before boiling is reached pull out the grains and stocking and strain

Ad the kit, malt and honey and boil for 1 hr with the 8 litres of water if you can, watch for boil overs.

20 min left add the Cascade,

1 min left add the Saaz and Maple Syrup

Strain into the fermentor, top up to 23 litres, pitch yeast




1 Can Newcastle Brown Ale (Brewcraft)
1 Can Liquid Amber Malt (Black Rock)
250g Light Chocolate Malt (steeped 15min)
15g Willamette (steeped 15min)
20g of roasted barley
Yeast as supplied

Muntons Premium Lager
Blackrock 1.5kg Light malt extract
500g crystal malt crushed and steeped for 20 mins, then strained and boiled for 20 mins (most people reckon this is way too much but it tastes great to me)
Safale S-04 yeast.

Blue Mountains Lager
500g Dextrose
250g LME
250g Maltodextrin
20g Hallertau (steeped for 15min boiling water)
Kit yeast.

Morgans Blue Mt. Lager 1.7kgs, 1kgs Brew booster, 250g dextrose, 24g Hallertau hops. Soaked 24g hops in boiling water for about 15mins. Pitched yeast at 26c. Yeast Bavarian lager starter plus kit yeast added. Allowed 24hrs to start ferm. Then transferred to fridge to ferm. At 8c, which could be a bit low.
Yeast starter / pack yeast
Racked after 7 days, kegged after 3 weeks and cold conditioned for and additional 5 weeks.

1 x can Morgans blue mountain lager.
500 g x Coopers powered light malt.
250 g x caster sugar or dex.
250 g x powered corn syrup.
5 g x brewing yeast
1 x teabag Morgan'sP of R finishing hops

Coopers Bavarian lager,
500g Dextrose,
250g Maltodextrin,
250g Light malt,
350g Honey
15g Tettnanger stepped 10 min after boiling the rest.

1 can Morgans Blue Mountain Lager
500g Liquid Light Malt Extract
10g Cascade Hop Pellets (boiling)
1 Pkt Morgans Lager Yeast

1 can Coopers Lager
500g Liquid Light Malt Extract
250g Dextrose
250g Liquid Corn Syrup
10g Cascade Hop Pellets (boiling)
6g Cascade Hop Pellets (finishing)
1 Pkt Coopers Lager Yeast

1 can Morgans Blue Mountain Lager
500g Morgans Liquid Pale Malt Extract
200g Farmland Strawberry Clover Honey
10g Goldings Hop Pellets (boiling)
1 Pkt Morgans Lager Yeast


Coopers Stout
Coopers Classic Old Dark Ale
150gm Choc grain steeped for half an hour.
Water to 22 ltrs
Yeast as supplied.

reckon a bit of oatmeal would go alright in this one?
the oatmeal, plus crystal, plus dried wheat malt extract (had it lying around) plus some hops plus extra dextrose...all up it's looking more like an imperial than a regular

if you're looking for my stout recipe, it's Geoff's No.94 on the website, but here tis for convenience:

1 can Cooper's Stout
500 g light dried malt extract
1 kg dark dried malt extract
500 g Billingtons Muscovado dark unrefined sugar
Yeast from Cooper's Sparkling Ale

BREWING NOTES The brew was made using a dark unrefined sugar (as opposed to supermarket variety “raw” sugar) with a view to achieving a stout something akin to Jamaica's legendary Dragon Stout.

TASTING NOTES Had a go of it out of the fermenter. Bloody beautiful. Needed to restrain myself from drawing off glass after glass of it while bottling. Well that didn't last long … A sensational stout, much like its Caribbean progeneter.

1 Can Coopers Stout
1 Can Coopers Amber Extract
250 g Dark Crystal, no Gelflings
250 g Chocolate
150 g Rolled Oats
30 g Fuggles 25 min boil
10 g Fuggles 20 min soak at flame out
Safale US-56 pitched @25c. SG 1059

1 coopers stout can
1kg dry dark malt extract
500g maltodextrin
Safale Yeast



Grumpys ginger beer kit - 1.5 kg unhopped LME? plus about 1 kg DME/dextrose/ginger/white stuff
3 sticks cinamon
4 green and 7 brown cardoman pods
12 cloves
1/2 nutmeg grated finely
300 g root ginger grated

Chris, having tried a single can coopers ginger beer, I'd be very reluctant to recommend a double dose. The coopers can seems to use excessive amounts of artificial sweetener and leaves a bad aftertaste. Best to use a single can and give it some more zing and mask the bad taste by adding a heap of grated ginger boiled in some water with brown sugar. I also add about a teaspoon each of ground cinnamen and cloves. I've got a recipe somewhere at home that I can dig out for you if you're interested.

Add some carapils
Dextrose will do the job, but ginger beer does taste good with some malt.

3 large pieces of ginger (about a kilo)
1 cinnamon stick
10 cloves
500g light crystal malt (I assume he means light malt)
1kg dextrose
Rehydrated wine yeast

Run the ginger through a food processor then put every thing in a pot with five litres of water and boil with the lid on for an hour. After the boil, add 10 litres of cool boiled water and pitch yeast when it is at the right temp. I left all the ingredients in the fermenter until I racked it into the second one (probably 3 days). I primed the whole thing for bottling by racking a second time and adding the correct amount of dextrose.

I ended up with nineteen bottles of excellent ginger wine / beer. I don't know what the alcohol content was but it kicked arse! The cloves probably had something to do with that. I used cloves in a stout for the first time about four years ago and I overdid it. Two bottles and I didn't want to get off my chair. For hours. Cloves are a natural local anaesthetic, you can use it for tooth ache and stuff like that apparently. Well, it has more of a "general" effect when taken internally, in conjunction with alcohol at least.


Coopers Nut Brown
500g Crystal 40
500 ml honey
1 kg Pale liquid Malt
24 g Centennial (12 for 15 min, 12 for 1 min)
8 inches peeled fresh Ginger
Cinnimon Stick

Adjust as you like really
Make as normal, add Cinnimon with Crystal malt as bringing to boil, Ginger in the boil (1 hr)
I used a good ale yeast
1.057 opening, 1.011 final
4.7 percent

this has turned out nice, although a bit lemonny.

Brigalow Ginger Beer Kit
Coopers Brew Enhancer (CBE)
Grated Fresh Ginger 300gm
Lemon Zest & Juice 2 ( halve this if you're not big on lemon )
Ground Nutmeg 1 tbsp
Brown Sugar 2 tbsp
Golden Syrup 2 tbsp
Ginger Pwdr 3 tbsp
Honey 2 tbsp
Cloves 2
Cinnamon 2'' stick
Champagne Yeast 10gm (2 sachets)

Add CBE & Fresh Ginger to 2lt of water and bring to boil.
Boil for 20min.
While this is boiling, hydrate Nutmeg, Ginger Pwdr, Brown sugar in a cup of hot water.
@ 20min add the hydrated ingredients along with Honey, Gldn Syrup and Lemon Zest.
Boil for further 10min.
@ 30min add Kit, Cloves, Cinnamon and Lemon Juice.
Boil for further 10min.
@ 40min flame out and strain into sanitised primary, top up to 23lt, pitch Champagne Yeast.
(23lt might be too much volume for some).
it went for 17 days, bulk primed with 130gm Caster Sugar and 250ml Buderim Ginger Syrup.
also @ bottling i added one " sugar cube size " of crystalised ginger.
(pick 'n' mix section at Coles)
it doesn't taste as dry as i thought it would, very gingery, but like i said a little too much lemon but not enough to bugger it.
will be nice with some ice to kickstart xmas morn.





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