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1. Coopers Lager

Started  01.10.05  Bottled  07.10.05

1 can Coopers Lager
1kg Coopers Brewing Sugar

Brewing Notes  Followed instructions per Coopers Starter Kit. Brewed with Michael P. / RB.  

Tasting Notes  After two weeks in the bottles beer is still yeasty and tastes a little bit like cider. After a month in bottles was a very easy drinking beer. Even Memo liked this one.


2. Coopers Dark Ale

Started  08.10.05  Bottled  14.10.05

1 can Coopers Dark Ale
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer #2 (500g Dextrose, 250g Light dry malt, 250g Maltodextrin)

200g Raw Sugar

200g Honey

2 tspn Ground Cinnamon

Brewing Notes  Dissolved raw sugar, honey and cinnamon in boiling water. Added this mixture and other ingredients to fermenter. Brewed with MB.   

Tasting Notes  After two weeks in the bottles the beer was surprisingly nice. With a pleasant honey taste. Beer is also exceptionally strong with a high SG and low FG. After 1 month beer begins to taste different – noticeable cinnamon after taste. After 2 months beer is better very light tasting and refreshing, honey not noticeable. (note to self: never use cinnamon again). 01.03.06 Opened one of these by mistake – very sweet – honey + cinnamon back with a vengeance. Not my cup of tea or beer! 14.04.06 I take back everything I said about this one! Had the 3rd last bottle and the beer was brilliant - it had it all! Six months of maturing was a bit much though.


3. Coopers Pale Ale

Started  18.10.05  Bottled  24.10.05

1 can Coopers Pale Ale
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer #2

350g Honey

Brewing Notes  All ingredients into fermenter. Brewed with Cinq / RB.   

Tasting Notes  After two weeks in the bottles the beer was great. With only a slight honey taste. This beer was quickly consumed and thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Will make this one again maybe with some hops / more LDM. 04.08.06 Drinkable, a touch sour, needs more hops.



4. Coopers Canadian Blonde

Started  28.10.05  Bottled  03.11.05

1 can Coopers Canadian Blonde
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer #1 (600g Dextrose, 400g Maltodextrin)

400g Honey

Brewing Notes  All ingredients into fermenter. Brewed with RB.   

Tasting Notes  After two weeks in the bottles the beer was still yeasty nowhere near ready. After a month this beer was quite good, very drinkable – a little light for my liking could stand to be hopier. Great head on this one. 30.11.06 Had a bottle of this while not exceptional it isn't too bad - honey is subtle but present.



5. Morgans Australian Old

Started  28.11.05  Bottled  4.12.05

1 can Morgans Australian Old
1kg Stout Mix (500g Dark dried malt extract, 250g Light dried malt extract, 250g Maltodextrin)

Old infusion pack (220g grain - Crystal, chocolate & roast, 15g Willamette hops)

Brewing Notes  Steep grains in 70 degree water for 20mins (wonderful chocolate smell) add hops for last 7-8mins. Strain mixture into fermenter. Add other ingredients. Brewed with Carlo B. / RB. Very slow fermentation due to cold snap little or no bubbling – possible leak in fermenter. FG 1014.  

Tasting Notes  This one came out pretty good, nice and bitter. Not very close to Tooheys Old but dark and yummy, probably my best attempt to date. 28/02/06 Just gets better – brilliant drop. 02.12.06 This one hasn't changed much at all - still good.



6. Brewcraft Mexican Cerveza

Started  04.12.05  Bottled  10.12.05

1 can Brewcraft Mexican Cerveza (1.5kg)
1kg Dextrose

Brewing Notes  Dissolve dextrose and can contents in 2L of water, boiled for 15mins. Added to fermenter to 22.5L. Brewed with RB. There was a heat wave and I wasn't at home to move the fermenter to a cooler room - this may have some adverse effects on the beer - the yeast may have been killed with 38 degree temperatures - will have to wait and see how it turns outs - hopefully it stayed cool enough in the laundry).   

Tasting Notes  This beer has been a disaster – I think I bottled too early at least 10 bottles have exploded. And the beer tastes like crap – I hope it mellows. 20/02/06 When beer is opened its contents spews out for about 5 mins – the beer has mellowed marginally and is almost drinkable – time seems to procrastinating in sorting this beer out. Considering tossing it. 19.0306 This beer has been tossed - opening the unexploded bottles was a real treat - scared the hell out of me. Tops would fly maybe 10-20 metres in the air and the beer would spew out about 0.5-1.0 metres in the air. Note to anyone who has made hand grenades like I did - put the bottles in the fridge first - they aren't as explosive that way. 19.06.06 Found a bottle of this tucked away in the back of the fridge and the beer is ok. Yuckness has mellowed only slightly noticeable. Probably as good as most common commercial beers.



7. Coopers Sparkling Ale

Started  13.12.05  Bottled  19.12.05

1 can Coopers Sparkling Ale
1 can Morgan's Extra Pale Liquid Malt Extract (1.5kg)

500g  Light Dried Malt Extract

300g Dextrose

Brewing Notes  Dissolve LDM, dextrose, liquid malt extract and beer kit in 2L of water, boiled for 15mins. Added to fermenter - 23L. Brewed with RB.    

Tasting Notes  This tastes simular to the real thing but its is a little sweet and ideally needs some bittering hops. 19.03.06 Beer way too sweet - may have to do with boiling the kit and all the malt. Will make again but with hops to bitter it up. 05.05.06 Very ordinary, overly malty - not to my liking at all, no hops to speak of. 24.09.06 I think the beer is off or infected - I can't drink it.



8. Coopers Real Ale

Started  05.02.06  Bottled  11.02.06

1 can Coopers Real Ale
1kg Light Dried Malt Extract

150g Dextrose

100g Maltodextrin

12g Pride of Ringwood hops

200g Carapils grain

Brewing Notes  Steep grains in 70 degree water for 30 mins. Add strained water to pot with malt, dextrose, maltodextrin and kit. Add hops and boil for 60 mins. Added to fermenter - 23L. High temps when pitching yeast - approx 32 degrees. Unable to reduce temp to satisfactory levels - will look at possible water cooling or fridge. After 1st day of high brewing temps put fermenter in large pot full of water, draped sheet over fermenter and into water. Also put in 4 frozen cola bottles morning and night – was able to reduce temp to 20-22 degrees. Hopefully this will save the beer. Have since purchased thermostat from Adloheat to rig up brewing fridge. Smelt great when bottling.

Tasting Notes  Two weeks in bottle and beer is nice and bitter. Very smooth and excellent head – I’m thinking due to Carapils grains. This one is only gonna get better with age. 02/03/06 I am digging this beer – very bitter / very smooth – yummy! 04.05.06 This beer is no longer very bitter - but is still very easy drinking. 12.06.06 The beer is a little watery - gone are the former glory days.



9. Coopers India Pale Ale (IPA)

Started  11.02.06  Bottled  21.02.06

1 can Coopers India Pale Ale
500g Light Dried Malt Extract

300g Dextrose

100g Maltodextrin

Brewing Notes  All ingredients into pot for boiling for 30mins. Into fermenter – 23L. Into new brew fridge setup have maintained temp @ 20-22 degrees. Brewed with MP very late. Appears the airlock has a minute crack from cleaning process – hopefully no issues will result. Water in airlock still moves when bubbling – so would expect that no nasties can enter. Kept in primary for 10 days - had lowered temp to approx 16 degrees toward end of fermentation. Beer super clear when bottling - will follow same process moving forward. Also considering ditching fermentor lid and air lock and using Glad wrap only - with rubber seal from existing lid - will investigate.

Tasting Notes  07.03.06 Beer was very clear, not too bitter - very little aroma and taste. A little disappointing. Very easy drinking though. No head at all. Maybe age will improve this one. 15.03.06 Have had a couple of these lately and the beer is getting better. Very easy drinking and fairly bitter. 26.04.06 Beer has come along nicely. 14.08.06 This beer is still excellent. 30.12.06 Very nice still - may have been last bottle.


10. Coopers Canadian Blonde # 2

Started  22.02.06  Bottled  04.03.06

1 can Coopers Canadian Blonde
1kg Coopers Brew Enhancer #2 (500g Dextrose, 250g Light dried malt, 250g Maltodextrin)

300g Honey

250g Light Dried Malt

12g Pride of Ringwood hops

100g Carapils grain

Brewing Notes  Brewed solo - with disinterested onlookers in the kitchen. Steep grains in 70 degree water for 30 mins (with new thermometer!). Strain water into large pot. Add all ingredients to water and boiled for 60 mins. Cooled pot in sink - added to fermentor along with water and some ice (unable to reduce to appropriate temp to pitch yeast). Have discarded fermentor lid and airlock. Using instead glad wrap with "O" ring from lid, hole punched in middle of glad wrap and "O" ring over the top. Second piece of glad wrap over first piece and "O" ring. Set temp in fridge to approx 20-21 degrees. Next morning glad wrap domed up and fermentation process is clearly visible. Krausen dropped after 3-4 days. Have purchased vessel to do secondary in - 25L container with lid and tap from Bunnings. As well as racking hose. Will rack after 5 days in primary. And will be using glad wrap method again on secondary. Bulk primed this one - approx 170g white sugar.

Tasting Notes  16.03.06 Tried one - really sweet probably close to Beez Neez - Low carbonation, Ok head, very much tastes like honey. A very nice beer - maybe a little green still. 22.03.06 This beer is the bomb! Definitely make this one again. 08.04.06 This beer has really sorted itself out exceptionally yummy. 11.06.06 Great beer!



11. Morgans Blue Mountain Lager

Started  04.03.06  Bottled  26.03.06

1 can Morgans Blue Mountain Lager
500g Dextrose

350g Light dried malt

250g Maltodextrin

12g Hersbrucker hops

Brewing Notes  Brewed with Marc and Andrew. Boil ingredients 30 mins - hops for last 10 mins. Tea bag tore open - shouldn't matter. Pre-chilled water for brew - 22.5L. Pitched the yeast at 23-24 degrees.  Set fridge temp to 15 degrees. Rack after 1 week in primary @ 1020. 17.03.06 @ 1016 - was considering starting cold conditioning but will hold off another week. After reading http://homebrewandbeer.com/forum/ I am considering no longer boiling kits and only boiling fermentables (10-15mins) + hops (per hops schedule). Have dropped fridge temp to ~ 6 degrees for final week in secondary. FG was a little high for my liking when bottling - hopefully dodgy hydrometer or extra malt or boiled kit. 

Tasting Notes  08.04.06 Patience isn't one of my virtues. Beer still green - high carbonation. 10.04.06 Had 2 more bottles of this one and this is a really nice beer - very smooth, great head, only gonna get better with age - if it gets to. 02.05.06 Beer has a bit of a bite. From experience this'll change given a bit of time. 11.06.06 Strong hop taste has finally subsided and this has turned out to be fairly good. Pretty close to the commercial Hahn Premium I was aiming for - only better. I should be able to convert a few people with this one. 26/06/06 This one has a lot of bite still but you only notice it on the first one. 02.08.06 The beer has come along nicely. Good session beer. 04.10.06 Nice beer - still has a distinct hop taste. 26.11.06 Exceptionally nice beer. Shame I didn't let this one mature further before drinking.



12. Brewcraft Newcastle Brown Ale

Started  27.03.06  Bottled  08.04.06

1 can Brewcraft Newcastle Brown Ale
1.5kg Liquid Amber Malt

250g Chocolate Malt

200g Rolled Oats

300g Coopers Brew Enhancer # 1

12g Fuggles hops

Brewing Notes  Steep chocolate malt 30 mins @ 70 degrees and strain into second pot. Boil rolled oats for 15 mins and strained into second pot (not sure this worked properly as the grains retained a significant amount of liquid meaning that not much ended up in the brew - may have to research this moving forward). Add BE#1 and liquid malt. Boil for 15 mins, adding hops with 10 mins to go (left in tea bag and tea bag is now in the fermentor too). Instructions called for yeast to be rehydrated. Basically dissolved yeast in 40 degree cooled boiled water left to stand for 15 mins and pitched when everything else was done. Added boiled ingredients and un-boiled kit to fermentor. Added pre-chilled 15 litres of water and also 2 pint glasses of crushed ice to cool wort to temp where I could pitch yeast. Made up to 23 litres. After 7 hours krausen has already formed! Fridge @ 21 degrees. Racked after 4 days - lots of crud in this one. 9 days in I’ve dropped the temp to 5 degrees. Smelt delicious at bottling.

Tasting Notes  03.05.06 Wow... while this beer may not be altogether ready it is scrumptious! Roasted chocolate flavours. Well on the way! 10.06.06 Sensational beer! A lot smoother now. 04.08.06 Very chocolate tasting, I don't mind it but some have taken offence. 25.08.06 Will make this one again - with less chocolate malt.



13. Coopers Stout / Coopers Dark Ale

Started  08.04.06  Bottled  19.04.06

1 can Coopers Stout
1 can Coopers Dark Ale

150g Chocolate Malt

200g Rolled Oats

Brewing Notes  Crush grain with a rolling pin. Steep both chocolate and rolled oats @ 70 degrees for 30 mins in separate pots. This time was able to extract liquid from the oats easily (passed extra water through the grains to get more of the oats). Boiled strained fluid for 15 mins. Added 2 kits to boiled ingredients, added to fermentor with chilled water. Only pitched 1 packet of yeast. Extreme frothing and fermentation - even with fridge at 20 degrees (small amount of overflow). Rack @ 4 days - lots of gunk.

Tasting Notes  08.05.06 Nice and bitter and great head, one of my better efforts - delicious! 14.05.06 One word... 'Bitter!' 12.06.06 Good news! The bitterness is gone to reveal a really nice caramel taste. Some non dark drinkers have been surprised by this one. 24.09.06 This beer gets better and better. Already planning mark 2.



14. E.S.B. Czech Pilsner  

Started  08.05.06  Bottled  04.06.06

1 can Czech Pilsner 3kg

Saflager Yeast W-34/70 11.5g

300g Dextrose

200g Maltodextrin

Brewing Notes  Brewed with K. Mixed all ingredients with 2 litres of boiling water. 22.5L. Set to 15 degrees. After 10 hours no real foam - however yeast cake has formed at bottom. Dropped temp to 10 degrees. It has taken a while to start - 3 days to get fully going and at 18.05.06 still has krausen - have not racked yet. 22.05.06 Racked beer (2 weeks) - fermentation still going. 29.05.06 Have put fridge up to 20 degrees for 3 days (have read that this is good to do to remove toffee flavour from cold fermentation) SG 1018. Then back down to 5 degrees for 3 days. Refer Diacetyl Rest. Beer extremely clear when bottling - probably clearest to date.


Tasting Notes  19.06.06 I know it's young but I am really surprised with this one - very nice. 28.06.06 Really nice with a creamy mouth feel. Probably due to the saflager - must start using better quality yeasts. Probably give culturing a go. 27.07.06 Beer is very nice - only downfall is overly frothy head. It does collapse leaving a nice creamy head - this may be a function of glass or pouring technique (which I thought I had down pat). 14.09.06 Beer is over carbonated - needs time to breath before drinking - lovely beer though. 26.11.06 The bottle I had was nothing special - amount of foam is quite annoying.


15. Little Do They Know That I Am Really Superdog!

Link to Brewing Photos!

Started  10.06.06  Bottled  26.06.06

1 can BMBS Old
500g Light Dried Malt Extract

500g Dextrose

250g Maltodextrin

120g Chocolate Malt

250g Rolled Oats

10g Fuggles (30mins)

10g Fuggles (5mins)

Brewing Notes  Steep grains and oats for 30 mins. Boil with sugar for 30 mins. Add hops 30 mins to go and 5 mins to go. Add kit at flame out. Needed ice to cool down. 22 Litres. Rack at 6 days, this beer had very little activity - fermenting at 18 degrees. Beer has not gone above 17.5 since racking. Considering no longer using oats - they leave a lot of gunk at the bottom and I can't really see any benefit based on #12 + #13, it all seems to drop out of suspension, may just stick with crystal or carapils. 26.06.06 Due to leaking tap and butter fingers syndrome had a minor crisis, rather a messy crisis! Final volume was 20 litres. Beer tasted and smelt delicious! Looking at swapping brew fridge for a wine fridge and shifting brewing operations across the road. Bulk primed with 165g of raw sugar. FG 1014.

Tasting Notes  26.07.06 This beer is really good - not very bitter at all, very smooth. Highly recommended with maybe some more hops to increase bitterness. 03.08.06 Had a couple of these lately and maybe I pulverised the grain too much but there is a noticeable grainy flavour - not at all noticeable when eating while drinking. Very thin and light beer, low carbonation. May need more time to mature. 02.09.06 This beer has really impressed me - its exceptionally nice - much like a porter. 21.11.06 This beer has come along nicely. Noticeable coffee/roast flavours. Only criticism is lack of bitterness. But a nice beer all the same.



16. Hobgoblin at Hanging Rock

Started  03.07.06  Bottled  26.07.06

1 can Coopers Draught
1kg Light Dried Malt
300g Dextrose

100g Crystal Malt

50g Chocolate Malt

20g Cascade Hops (30 mins)
12g Fuggle Hops (5 mins)

Brewing Notes  Steep cracked grains for 30 mins. Throw in hops per schedule. 22.5L. Fridge set to 18 degrees. Bulk priming with 180g raw sugar (split some dissolved sugar on the trip downstairs hopefully enough left to carbonate sufficiently). Recipe from here


Tasting Notes  13.08.06 This beer is yummy! Low carbonation. 22.08.06 Drinkable. Needs more bottle conditioning. 23.09.06 This is an exceptional beer - I can highly recommend this one - very hoppy! 25.11.06 Excellent beer. 07.01.07 Probably my finest effort in a while.



17. A Real Pale Ale

Started  15.08.06  Bottled  18.09.06

1 can Coopers Pale Ale
1 can Coopers Real Ale

100g Carapils

10g Fuggles (Flameout)

1 x 11g packet SafAle S-04

Brewing Notes  Crack grains. Steep 30 mins - 2 litres. Boil 10 mins. Hops at flameout. Two cans and water from grains into fermenter. 22 litres. Pitched yeast. Set temp @ 18 degrees. 21.08.06 Rack beer - heaps of gunk. Have also harvested yeast slurry from fermenter. Basically mixed up yeast cake with remaining beer (the yeast cake was incredibly tight). Then poured out the slurry into 4 x brown glass stubbies (approx half full). Covered each stubby with gladwrap and put into normal beer fridge. 28.08.06 Cap bottles - release pressure weekly. 4.09.06 Dropped temp for a week then brought temp back up to 18 degrees. 18.09.06 Fermenter leaked a little not much - but has resulted in mold in the fridge. Botteled brew with 150g white sugar - brew does not smell off - so hopefully it is ok.

Tasting Notes  26.10.06 Beer is not amazing but nice all the same. Had a random stubby explode, not sure why, possibly dirty bottle. Other bottles have low carbonation. We will see what time brings. 22.11.06 Bitter. It is much like an India Pale Ale. Delicious. 09.12.06 Needs time. Touch and go with this one. 06.01.07 I wouldn't recommend this combination.



18. Golden "Wheat" Axe

Started  28.09.06  Bottled  01.11.06

1 can Morgans Golden Sheaf Wheat

1 can Coopers Wheat Malt (1.5kg - Liquid)

300g Dextrose

120g Maltodextrin

100g Carapils

12g Pride of Ringwood Hops (60 mins)

7.5g Cascade Hops (10 mins)

7.5g Cascade Hops (Dry-hop)


Brewing Notes  Dissolve dextrose + maltodextrin in 1 litre of water. Throw in POR. Boil. Crack grain. Steep 30 mins @ 65 degrees in 1.5 litres. Combine steeped water + boiled hops at 25 mins. Boil. Throw in Cascade at 10 mins. Tip 2 cans into fermenter. Tip in boil contents. Fill 1/2 way then add Cascade. Top up to 22L. Should have used harvested yeast - but I didn't realise that Morgans kit came with normal ale yeast and not a special wheat yeast. 29.09.06 @ 8.15am Brew progressing nicely. 05.10.06 Rack beer. 01.11.06 Bottle with 150g white sugar.  


Tasting Notes  10.12.06 This beer is really nice. I can highly recommend it. 05.01.07 I don't like this beer. Sometimes it's passable, other times it has a strange flavour. It must be severed über cold. 



19. Meggsie's Ginger

Started  04.11.06  Bottled  25.11.06

1 can Coopers Ginger Beer

1kg Raw Sugar

200g Light Dry Malt Extract

100g Carapils

300g Honey

1 Lemon + Zest

20g Ground Ginger Powder

1/2 teaspoon Cinnamon

4 Cloves

1/4 teaspoon Nutmeg

Re-cultured Yeast - SafAle S-04

Yeast Nutrient - Can Yeast


Brewing Notes  01.11.06 Made yeast starter (see batch 17). Boiled 1 litre of water with 100g white sugar, cooled to 25-30 degrees C, added room temperature yeast dregs. 02.11.06 Yeast starter going along nicely. 04.11.06 Crack grains - steeps 30mins @ 65-70 C. Strain. Boil with all ingredients 20mins (almost boiled over!). Boil can yeast for SafAle yeast nutrient. Add to fermenter with can. Add yeast. Top up to 22L @ 22 degrees. Later in afternoon yeast very active, I assume due to large starter. Drop temp to 20 C. 11.11.06 Rack beer. Concerned that might not be gingery enough. Might add more ginger when priming. 25.11.06 Decided against more ginger. Beer tasted great when bottling - 140g white sugar.


Tasting Notes  09.12.06 The beer while young is quite nice. It has a good ginger bite. Appreciable honey flavour and cinnamon hints. Carbonation good. When I make it again I'll not use the kit but start from scratch. 21.01.07 Beer is quite pleasant and refreshing. Adequate ginger notes. One bystander noted - that it smells and tastes like Christmas.



20. Sweet Little Mexican Cerveza

Started  26.11.06  Bottled  18.12.06

1 can Coopers Mexican Cerveza
200g Dextrose

500g Candy Sugar

250g Maltodextrin

250g Light Dried Malt Extract

100g Carapils

10g Cascade Hops (15mins)

10g Cascade Hops (Flameout)

Brewing Notes  25.11.06 Made candy (invert) sugar per instructions here with new candy thermometer. Measure 500g white sugar and add water to make thick syrup. Start boiling. Took about 10 mins to get between 127 - 135 degrees. Held at this temp for 10 mins. Sugar turned a yellow colour. Let the sugar go up to 150 degrees (hard crack). Turn off heat. Cool down and pour onto grease proof paper. 26.11.06 Steep grains 30 mins. Add all sugars. Bring to boil. Throw hops in per schedule. Add can at flameout. Into fermentor. Set fridge to 15 degrees. Apparently Coopers Mexican Cerveza yeast is a Lager / Ale blend. 27.11.06 Fermentation has started. 07.12.06 Rack beer. 18.12.06 Bottle 140g white sugar.

Tasting Notes  This beer while not extremely close to Corona, it is simular to many Australian lagers. Fairly pleasant, non-offensive. Non homebrew drinkers will appreciate this beer. No cidery notes from the candy sugar. Minimal body, but more so that Corona (which isn't a bad thing). Must try with a lemon. Definite cascade flowery / citrus notes. I would drop out the dextrose in future.



21. Heart of the Sun - (Shovel & Pale)

Started  18.12.06  Bottled  07.01.07

2 x Malt Shovel Pale Ale Tins
100g Crystal
20g Cascade - 30 mins
15g Fuggles - 10 mins
21 Litres

Brewing Notes  Normal brew. I was going to re-culture some of the S-04 yeast in the fridge but when I opened the bottle it was stored in, there was a distinct vegimite smell. Decided to use the kit yeast. The wort is alot darker in the fermenter than I would have expected for a pale ale - and the steeped crystal was very dark too. We shall call it a dark ale! 19.12.06 Fermentation appears to have started but there is no krausen to speak of. Sediment has formed at the bottom. It may be a function of the Malt Shovel yeast. Not sure. 26.12.06 Rack beer. 07.01.07 Bottle with 140g white sugar.

Tasting Notes  31.01.07 Nothing special. Beer a deep amber colour. Drinkable. Unpleasant initial bitter bite. I found the beer fairly sweet toward the end of the longneck. Maybe time will make this beer a little more exciting.



xx. Please Mr. Gravedigger - (With His Little Shovel)

Started  xx.xx.xx  Bottled  xx.xx.xx

2 x Malt Shovel Oatmeal Stout Tins
500g LDME
50g Chocolate Malt
100g Crystal
12g POR - 60mins (just to use it up and bitter the beer up)
15g Cascade - 30mins
10g Fuggles - 5mins
20 Litres

Brewing Notes  Yet to brew... 

Tasting Notes  Yet to taste…



xx. Karma Police Arrest This Bavarian! 

Started  xx.xx.xx  Bottled  xx.xx.xx

2 cans Coopers Bavarian Lager
500g Light Dry Malt

500g Candy Sugar

Hops?? Saaz?

Brewing Notes  Yet to brew...  23 L Both packets of yeast. Start @ 21, Drop to 15. Leave for at least 3 weeks. Suggested FG 1016 - 7.6% expected.


Tasting Notes  Yet to taste…


xx. See You At The Bitter End

Started  xx.xx.xx  Bottled  xx.xx.xx

1 can Coopers Bitter
500g Dextrose

500g Light Dried Malt Extract

300g Coopers Brew Enhancer #1

200g Crystal Malt

100g Carapils

20g Cascade Hops (30mins)

10g Cascade Hops (10mins)

Brewing Notes  Yet to brew... 

Tasting Notes  Yet to taste…








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